Sunday, 4 October 2020

Sunday 4th October

What have you been up to? 

I haven't been here posting because I haven't had anything to say or I haven done anything much.  I can only tell you about so much sorting so much gardening although, I have just planted two packs of Wallflowers in pots.  I cannot get in the garden because of Storm Alex and as I bought them last Wednesday I need to do something with them...…!

I also planted some of my two hundred bulbs I purchased the other week,

I planted them in my clay pots I purchased from a boot fair many years ago.  Trouble with Anemones they always look like pebbles to me and never sure which way they are suppose to be planted!

As far as I got with the weeding.  The damp ground is ideal for me for weeding but not when when its raining!

The second skip was taken away the other day complete with a washing machine that had been hanging around from two washing machines ago about ten years ago! 

The scaffolding is down and my house looks cleaner on the outside!  I'll takes photos on a nice day if we get one!

The scaffolders decided to have a picnic on my wall - make yourself at home do!